Like who likes you

Who likes you? Why don’t you like them back?

I’ve come to realize that a lot of singles have someone chasing after them. There is an old saying that says “like who likes you, not who you like.” That’s one of the hardest things to do but it may be necessary. Sure, they may not be the most attractive person you’ve ever seen, but are they that ugly? The good thing about liking someone who likes you is that you’ve already been validated and affirmed. That’s much better than seeking validation from someone who isn’t interested in you.

The reason why we don’t like who likes us is because it’s too easy. We want the person who doesn’t want us because if we can get them it makes us feel worthy. We end up seeking approval instead of real love. It’s time to take a long look in the mirror and make sure you’re not chasing someone who is running from you. It’s time to make sure you’re not running from someone who is willing to give you the world.


Tony Gaskins Jr.

Author: tonygaskinsblog

Husband. Father. Bestselling Author. Celebrity Life Coach. International Speaker.

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