Love yourself the way you are

 I was just on my Twitter timeline and saw some fake booty cheeks. It hurt my heart. This world has made so many women feel unworthy. So many women feel less than or unacceptable. Women have a certain standard to live up to that men don’t have. You don’t see men going to get anything artificial on their body.

There are many famous men who have chosen to keep their gap, chipped, or crooked teeth. Men aren’t getting fake biceps or pectorals. Why don’t men have to live up to this imaginary standard? Because we set the standards by what we reinforce. Whatever men praise is who women want to become. Grown boys tend to outwardly praise Grown girls, while grown men keep their feelings to themselves. As a result, the strong, confident women don’t get enough praise so society begins to believe that men want the insecure, attention seeking women on the Internet.

No one ever said go get butt implants. Every man I’ve ever asked has said he doesn’t want his woman to get them. At my seminars I call all the men up and 90% of them say if they had a choice they wouldn’t even want their woman to wear artificial eye-lashes or hair. We just accept it because it’s the norm. We deal with it but we don’t prefer it.

It’s a personal choice and you can do whatever you want with your body. But at least ask yourself, why? Who are you altering your body for? Who are you risking your life for? Are they worth it?

I know plenty of women who have had everything about them changed and still are hated on by the same females as before. They are still being cheated on and taken advantage of by men. Nothing has changed except body parts and outer adornments.

It’s not your body that needs fixing. It’s your mind. You have to change the way you see yourself. You have to embrace and enhance your natural beauty. You have to love the skin you’re in and trust that at the right time, the right person will find you and love you for who you are.

If you’ve already made changes for mankind, ok, it’s fine. Most of us do at some point. But stop there. Don’t keep changing yourself trying to win the affection of others. Don’t keep risking your sanity trying to please onlookers. Nothing will change the way people see you until you change the way you see yourself.

Love who you are. Embrace who you are. Stay unique by being you. When you change everything about you trying to win the affection of mankind you become a copy instead of an original.

Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

Author: tonygaskinsblog

Husband. Father. Bestselling Author. Celebrity Life Coach. International Speaker.

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