Removing Toxic People

You have to get to the point that you’re able to recognize the people in your life who are draining you. You can’t focus when you’re drained. You can’t achieve your goals or even complete your daily tasks if you’re drained.

It may be friends or family. As long as the person isn’t your dependent, you can cut them off. Some people believe that you can’t cut off family. I disagree. Why should I let you stress me to my grave just because you’re family? The fact that they are family should mean they are trying to make your life better. If someone is making your days worse, they aren’t family. They are enemies disguised as family. A stranger shouldn’t treat you better than your family does.

Don’t get trapped thinking that you can’t move on with your life just because you’ve known someone all your life.

I refuse to be held back in the name of family. I refuse to be stressed to death in the name of family. I refused to be verbal and emotionally abused in the name of family. If you are adding stress to my life, you aren’t family. You’re no better than an adversary.


(this blog was typed on my phone and delivered by email)

Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

Author: tonygaskinsblog

Husband. Father. Bestselling Author. Celebrity Life Coach. International Speaker.

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