Where are you operating from?

Stop for a second and evaluate your thoughts and actions. Where are your words and actions coming from? At the root of your actions are your thoughts. What’s inside your mind? Is it fear? Is it anger? Is it bitterness? Is it hate? Is it insecurity? Or is it love? Is it happiness? Is it hope? Really evaluate where you’re operating from.

It’s very important that you do the heart-work and make sure that you’re operating from a good space in your mind. When you’re operating from love you should never worry about what people think of you or if they lie on you. You know your heart and your intentions. The people who are meant to be in your life will love and appreciate you. The people who are fake will think you’re fake too. The people who are operating from the wrong place in their heart won’t like you no matter how good of a person you are. Protect your name by operating from the right place.

Never allow yourself to speak from hate, anger, or jealousy. Always question your heart before you make any statement or take any action. When you take the time to check yourself the results will be much greater. When you give with a glad heart and from a good place you don’t expect anything in return but you know God’s favor will be with you. You don’t have to keep score or count the wrongs. You don’t have to complain about what you’re not getting and how people are treating you because you’re operating from a good space for yourself, not them.

Be very mindful of the space you’re in. If you’re not in the right space, do the work to shift your mindset. Read more. Pray more. Count your blessings. Talk to positive people. Invest in yourself. Don’t sit idle and allow your life to be ran by negativity. Happiness is a choice so choose wisely!


Tony A. Gaskins jr.

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