Don’t stay down

In every aspect of life we will be knocked down at some point. That’s life. The key is that you always get back up. If you’re cheated on you can’t keep allowing it to happen. If you lose your job you can’t sit at home crying about and not applying for a new job. If your business flops you can’t stop there and never try again. You will be knocked down over and over, but it’s not failure. It’s an opportunity to learn and grow.

Embrace the struggles and setbacks and let them teach you a lesson. Get something out of the pain, heartache, and embarrassment. Don’t let mishaps come in your life and steal your joy and your drive. Let it make you stronger and wiser. You’ll always win if you can find the good even in the bad.

Don’t stay down! Get up and keep fighting!


Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

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Author: tonygaskinsblog

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