Focus on Your Work

I’ve decided that I will do my work and not speak on how someone is doing their work wrong. If you’re doing your job correctly the work will speak for itself. Truthfully, there’s no need to knock the next person down to make yourself look better. We do it often or we hear it often. I’ve been guilty of it many times before but I didn’t realize it until it happened to me.

I was listening to someone speak on a podcast and the person started degrading people who do things differently than he does. He was talking bad about the way others make a living and give back to the world.  Basically he was saying, “listen to me because I’m right and they’re wrong.” It sounded bad to me. It sounded as if he’s still unsure of himself. It sounded as if he’s frustrated because he wants all the attention in the world and he’s not getting it. He sounded insecure. Then I said to myself, “wow, you’ve said similar things before.” It was then that I decided that I wouldn’t speak on how others do their work anymore. Instead, I’ll just do my work and let it speak for itself. The people will decide who they appreciate and who they don’t care for. It’s not up to me. I just have to do what I was called to do and let the rest sort itself out.

Don’t get frustrated because you’re not getting your just due. Don’t get frustrated because you want more from life and it doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough. Be patient and enjoy the climb. Take your time and trust that everything will happen in due time!

Just a lesson I learned. Maybe, it’ll help you too!


Tony G.

Author: tonygaskinsblog

Husband. Father. Bestselling Author. Celebrity Life Coach. International Speaker.

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