It’s not original but you can have it…

Today as I was studying I began to realize some things. The main thing I realized is that most of our thoughts have already been thought about by someone else. I remember someone telling me that the Bible says there’s nothing new under the sun. I’m starting to believe it. As I was thinking about a proprietary idea for my company and brand I began searching on google and finding that many of the “unique” terms or phrases that I thought of, were already taken. In some cases the sites weren’t even being used or the person is no longer actively using the term or phrase. I realize that we all have great thoughts but we all come from the same source. We were all created by the same being. We were made in the image of God and all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding comes from that source.

We are torch carriers bringing light to the world. Our inspiration is divine and we have to carry the ideas out in the world. If we get tired on the journey or we phase out of this life, the inspiration is passed on to someone else who can carry it a little further. No thought is an original thought because if it’s a significant thought then it comes from the supreme being whom many of us refer to as God.

I remember having thoughts on life and thinking they were profound and beyond my years but I didn’t know how I’d come to that place in life. Years later as I was studying C.S. Lewis and Earl Nightingale for the first time I heard them say some things that I’d said verbatim but yet I’d never studied their work. I realized then we are just vessels. We are carrying out a message to the end of our lives and then the legacy we leave the world carries the message even further. I believe the supreme being is trying to get us the secret to life and life more abundantly but because of the competing messages it gets lost in our world. So there are those who are carrying the message of truth and those who are carrying the message of confusion. One cannot exist without the other. When God calls you to bring clarity, the adversary will call someone to bring confusion. It’s a war and in most cases it’s a spiritual war that we end up trying to fight physically. We end up fighting others or we fight ourselves and in both cases it’s to the death. You have to ask yourself, what side am I on? Am I bringing clarity to the world or am I bringing confusion? Am I solving problems or am I creating more problems? Am I seeking monetary success only or am I seeking significance? We can only be on one side and if we straddle the line then it means we’re confused and we’re confusing others in the process. That fact lets us know which side we are actually on.

I’m realizing the goal isn’t to be original in the sense of thinking up something that no one has ever thought of. The goal is to be original in the way you carry the message into the world. Be yourself and do it your way. You are just as unique and profound as the greats who went before you. Just be you. Claim what is available to claim through our trademark and copyright process, but know that it’s not actually yours. If you know where the inspiration comes from and you’re sensitive to that truth you will be more effective and have more influence on your journey. If you’re conceited in your wisdom then in fact you are foolish and your impact will be minimal at best. You will drop the baton and someone else will have to pick up where you left off and actually gain ground.

We want so badly to be special. We want so badly to be like something the world has never seen before. That will never happen. Greatness comes in many forms and it’s actually in all of us if we look hard enough. Truthfully, we don’t even have to look hard we just have to be open to the discovery of it. Truth is, we’re all unique but we’re all an extension of the supreme being trying to find a better way to make life long-lasting and meaningful.

Do your part.


Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

Author: tonygaskinsblog

Husband. Father. Bestselling Author. Celebrity Life Coach. International Speaker.

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