The Love of My Life…

It could be a million dates, a million love notes, and a million dollars in gifts but nothing physical can truly express my love; because this is spiritual. This is divine. This is Heaven-sent. My woman loved me before I had a dime to my name. Before I had a name to my name. She saw me at my core. My character and my dreams were my currency. My pockets were empty but my mind and heart were full. She saw that and saw something no one else could see. She had to see the Vision with me. She had to speak life into me. She had to believe even when I didn’t believe. She never settled. She gave me some time to get it together but she didn’t let me get complacent. She never compromised her standards. She never forgot her self-worth. Her knowing herself and what she wanted from life helped me become a better man. A man does not become a real man without a real woman by his side; contrary to popular belief. A man’s rite of passage is to love a woman with all his heart, be 100% faithful, and to treat her the way God treats her. I wrote a book on this love. Imperfectly perfect. Flaws make it worth it. Growth is the only option. Getting better every day. When society goes left, we’re going right. Our standards for love are getting higher, not lower. Don’t get comfortable! Love harder! Love deeper! You’re reading words but they fall infinitely short of this love. We’ll never be able to fully define God or anything He’s created. I believe in God and I believe in Love. I wouldn’t lie on love. Love is just that real. I hate they’ve reduced it to a day, but I love like this 365. Most other days our love is private but because this is the day of public love I just wanted to let you know that God sent me a Real One! I’m thankful for this love. Always a work in progress but I wouldn’t trade that work for the world. Let Love, love you! I love you @SheriGaskins 

Author: tonygaskinsblog

Husband. Father. Bestselling Author. Celebrity Life Coach. International Speaker.

4 thoughts on “The Love of My Life…”

  1. Keep growing your love for your wife everyday because there is where you find the precious treasure of love . Enjoy this day that the Lord has made and be glad in it . Wishing both of you the best God has to offer


  2. With a love like that all things are truly possible because all things are truly divine. Blessings upon blessings on your collective love and your collective life. Love the hardest when it hurts the most. That is truth. That is authentic.


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