Trust the process…

We’ve been hearing that a lot, but it never gets old. There is a process in every aspect of life. We don’t often value the process. We are so anxious for the finished product. I’m learning that the longer the process, the better.

Don’t assume that there aren’t any victories in the process. The process isn’t the same thing as the struggle. The process may be painful but it can also be beautiful. Honestly, I’d like to forget the idea that there is a finished product. I’d rather believe in the process and always be a work in progress. No matter how good I get, I always want to get better.

Reach a goal and then set a new one. If it’s taking you longer than you hoped to reach your goal, that’s when you have to really understand the process. Understand there are lessons to gain along the way. There is growth happening that is meant to sustain you when you arrive. The process could be years of your life just to arrive at one moment in your life. Then life moves on. When you arrive it’s not meant for you to stay. It’s meant for you to keep growing.

Are you getting better every day? Are you growing as a person? Are you attracting like-minded people? Are you grateful? Those are some key questions we have to ask ourselves while in the process.

If you’re grateful, you’ll achieve more. If you’re focused and faithful, failure isn’t an option. What others call failing you’ll see as a lesson.

Trust the process.

Author: tonygaskinsblog

Husband. Father. Bestselling Author. Celebrity Life Coach. International Speaker.

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