Do you lack direction?

I once heard Zig Ziglar say, it’s never a lack of time but a lack of direction. That stuck with me. I’ve come to learn that many of us lack an actual plan. We don’t have a road map for our dreams and goals. I mean something we can actually look at and see what the next move is. We have it in our mind but life happens every day. If you don’t have it written down you’ll get lost.

You need a plan so you can go back to it after life has knocked you off track.

What are your ultimate goals? Write them down. Then ask yourself, how do you reach those goals. You’ll realize that to accomplish anything big it takes a lot of small steps. You take those steps daily but if you don’t have a clear direction you’ll end up nowhere.

Plan your days by the hour. If it’s a really busy day then plan it by the half or quarter hour. Each day may be different depending on the other things you have going on in your life. Not everyday has to look like the day before, that’s OK. Write down the plan and keep it with you. Look at it everyday until it becomes embedded in your DNA. With clear direction you will achieve your goals; but if you don’t have it written down you may never get there. Even if you do get there, you won’t stay there. There will always come a time that you need to be very clear about every hour of your day. Every minute counts so let nothing go to waste. Even the times you relax or sleep are meaningful and it must be added to your direction plan.

Make a plan and you will make a way!


Tony G.

Author: tonygaskinsblog

Husband. Father. Bestselling Author. Celebrity Life Coach. International Speaker.

1 thought on “Do you lack direction?”

  1. I lack DIRECTION. How do you start over with a new plan and new direction? God has a calling on my life and a plan, I do not have a clue of the direction. He has shown me in a vision that my plans are obsolete right now. He let me know in that vision that he is serious. My business plan itself and the direction of it has to completely changed. I had a written in full detailed plan and the direction of how it can work. This was a hobby/talent placed in my hands by God while the challenges of raising my teenage daughter, working and going to school part time came upon my life. After seeing what I could create became a passion of mine. My God is Awesome and I know He knows what is best for me. It just it is so frustrating sometimes when you can no longer focus on the previous plan, to no plan. I thought it was in line with his plan for me. I put time and money into what I thought was. I have open dialog with God. I just do not know where I fit in the plan or if my part completes a plan. I glad to be called into His plan. I just feel stuck sometime in limbo with no direction . This is why I want to write an autobiography of my life, a book for other Christians and Non-Christians to let them know they are not alone when it comes to feel stuck at a point in their lives.


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