Losing friends and offending spectators…

I want to confirm with you that it’s not you. As you get better in life and grow into who you’re meant to be, you will lose some people along the way. Your fake friends will become offended by your pursuit of greatness and they will distance themselves from you. They will tell others that you think you’re too good for everyone. You can’t worry about that.

In addition to that you will have spectators who watch you from a distance. They will form biased opinions about you without knowing you. They will dislike you for reasons they make up in their minds because your greatness makes them feel less about themselves. You can’t worry about that.

Be careful of both groups of people coming back around after it seems you’ve made it. If they couldn’t be there in the tough times while you were sacrificing everything to become who you needed to be, they don’t deserve to be there in the good times when you’re reaping the harvest of your hard work.

Understand there will be times that it feels like you only have God to turn to and that’s ok. Greatness is not common so you have to be comfortable being uncommon. Keep pressing. It will make sense to all parties involved one day.

Tony G.

Author: tonygaskinsblog

Husband. Father. Bestselling Author. Celebrity Life Coach. International Speaker.

4 thoughts on “Losing friends and offending spectators…”

  1. These words are so timely. I been feeling this way lately. Smh these words are so encouraging and so on time.

    Thank you Coach G!


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