Brushing shoulders with Greatness…

Yesterday, I wrote about how you’ll lose friends and offend spectators when you’re pursuing greatness, but there’s another side to the story. As you’re pursuing greatness there will be some people that you inspire. They aspire to be great and your energy motivates them to be better.

Your pursuit of greatness could be in any area of your life. It could be in your career, your relationship, your lifestyle and choices, or any other area of life. You can’t be great if you’re too selfish. You must have times that you sow into the lives of others. You have to be willing to be tugged on at times. Create windows of time that you allow others to drain you a little bit. I don’t mean drain in a negative way. I mean to pull from your wisdom and energy. At times it will get tiring and that’s your “check engine” light coming on to remind you it’s time to take care of yourself. This transfer of energy is necessary on your journey. We all need a mentor and a mentee. As you learn and grow you should teach. I’m no guru but I’m sharing lessons as I grow because no matter where I am in life there is always someone ahead of me and right behind me.

There will be different categories that you must place people in. Majority of the people you will share with them from a distance, like social media. Then there will be those who can email you. Then those who can text you. Then those who can call you. Then those you meet with in person. You’ll choose their category by how much you see them investing in themselves and how much of you they need. If you ever find yourself reaching out to people and no one is responding that means their greatness isn’t your type of greatness. Their greatness may not be greatness. The person for you will respond and you’ll respond to those who resonate with your energy.

Don’t ever isolate yourself for too long. It’s good to get away and consult yourself and listen to God but human interaction is necessary.

I withdraw from those I see as greatness in the making and then I deposit into others who are making their way up. If you picture it like a climb, we’re passing the food and water down. Everyone is helping everyone stay hydrated and focused on the journey. It’s a give and accept cycle that’s happening.

When I receive text messages from people who can’t move my life forward in a literal sense then I know it’s because I can move their life forward. So instead of being selfish, I respond because I know that interaction may motivate them to keep going. If they see me as greatness in the making then my energy energizes them. As they receive from me I’m also reaching out to someone who can energize me. We’re all in this together and we push one another.

Moving forward, don’t ignore your text messages if you know this person isn’t coming to bring anything negative in your life. They need you just as you’ll need someone too. You can’t be great if all you want to do is take and not give. Give more than you accept and your greatness won’t be denied.


Tony G.

Author: tonygaskinsblog

Husband. Father. Bestselling Author. Celebrity Life Coach. International Speaker.

1 thought on “Brushing shoulders with Greatness…”

  1. Wow, thank you! You say things like no one says them and I thank you for being great enough to share those words with others.


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