The one thing we lack as humans is the ability to be consistent. The humans who can be consistent are not normal anymore. They’ve elevated to another level of living. We all visit that place at least once, but it’s easier to get there than it is to stay there. Consistency is not common and it does the uncommon in your life.

What do you need to be consistent at? Think on the things you need to be consistent at. Write them down. Make a plan of action and then stick to it. If you can be consistent at anything it will change your life drastically. Every week I see someone “make it.” Rarely are the individuals exceptionally talented. It’s normally the result of a relentless pursuit of their goals. It’s baffling to see less talented people make it while very talented people wonder through life. I’ve suffered from a lack of consistency all my life. It’s not easy. But when I finally was consistent at the things that mattered, my life changed. Now I’m identifying other areas that I need to be consistent in and I’m working on those areas.

Consistency will change your life. You may not be the best. You may not be the smartest. You may not have the most of anything in life, but if you are consistent you will see changes.

Make it a point to be consistent in your life and your life will never be the same.


Tony G.

A Servant’s Heart…

I do customer service for my company and it’s so humbling. It helps me understand what people in the service industry go through. I really respect the people who had to deal with me in my past when I would go-off on the customer service rep. Not understanding they have nothing to do with the company or the product, but they have to get the brunt of everyone’s frustration. Many of us take our life’s frustration out on the customer service reps. When we’re mad with the government, customer service can take it. When we’re mad with the boss, customer service can take it. When we’re mad with our spouse, customer service can take it. Any problems we’re having, we give them to the customer service rep. It’s been amusing and upsetting handling the customer service department for my company. People write in with demands, threats, false accusations, and everything else. They write in as if they are the only person emailing in. They want the entire world to stop and serve their needs. It’s hilarious and it makes me mad all at the same time. Some time back I would forget that I’m customer service and I would respond as an entitled CEO, but under the name of my customer service rep. I really damaged my company a few times because I had to rip some folks. Then after I rip them, all of a sudden they are shocked and appalled at how they are being handled not realizing that I just gave them back what they gave me.

They thought they could write in and go off on the assistant and the assistant just take it, and then move on. Maybe that’s what real assistants and customer service people do. Maybe they don’t take it personal. At least I hope they don’t. I’ve learned a lot doing customer service. I do it for the very lessons I’m learning. It has made me humble. It has made me look at life differently. It has helped me understand how many people are struggling in life. It has shown me how many people are hurting and angry and operating from those places. Very rarely does someone write in respectfully, peacefully, and full of grace and understanding. I can count on one hand how many people can keep a level head and nice attitude when the world doesn’t stop for them. I’ve been guilty of handling situations just as most others do. That’s why I put myself through this training.

To be successful, like real success, lasting success, you must be humble. You must have a servant’s heart. Jesus said, the greatest among you is the servant. If you can be humble, you will be exalted. If you can have a servant’s heart, doors will be opened to you. If you can smile after being cursed-out and talked-down to, you’ll be able to achieve anything. To reach the top you must have the heart of the lowly. Your ego will destroy you.

The next time you have an issue with your phone bill, food order, or anything else remember this post. When you speak to the customer service rep, speak how you’d like to be spoken to. Approach it in a cool and calm manner and watch the sea be parted for you. After going through the fire as a customer service rep in my company I began to change my tone when addressing issues with other companies. I noticed the cool, calm, and collected version of myself got a lot more results than the angry and irate version of my past.

A servant carries the burden instead of dumping it on someone else. A servant is the greatest among us. A servant is a leader. A servant is stronger than anyone else. A servant’s heart will take you where ego can’t.

Grow with me as we try to have a servant’s heart in everything we do.


Tony G.

Taking Love around the world….

I’ve been touring alone since 2011, but I’ve been speaking on love since 2007.  It’s been a journey and I still have a long ways to go. I wanted to share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way. There are really too many lessons to put in this one blog but the few that I’ll share apply to life in general.

I speak on love because love changed my life. Before I knew the Bible says that love is the greatest gift given to mankind, love had already changed my life. When you truly learn how to love yourself and how to purely love someone else it’s hard not to share what you’ve learned. I started in 2007. I was still growing in love. Things got really serious in 2010. Back then twitter was new to my demographic so I was one of the first out the gate. That’s probably why you see that my following across the major social media networks is one of the largest among people who don’t have a TV show or Radio show. I have over 2.8M supporters online and it all happened organically. I never asked for a supporter or paid for the fake followers to boost numbers. I just shared a real and raw message. Most of the time my message is too raw. I’m not big on glitz and glam. If you notice, my YouTube videos are shot with poor quality because I shoot with my phone most of the time. The reason being is because I don’t like feeling processed when I’m sharing a message. I like to feel organic. You know the difference between processed food and organic food? Yeah, that’s what I mean. I’m organic. I might not look as pretty or be packaged as nice but what I give you will sustain you. That’s my style and it’s been hard trying to be more polished and pretty.

Because it seemed like I was shot out of a cannon online and people were seeing my quotes in a lot of places it made other people see my calling as a career. Then a lot of people joined me in the space and it’s getting crowded. It’s hard to tell the real from the fake. I don’t want to say who is real and who is fake because only God knows. I just know that in due time the real will be separated from the fake. The real will keep going no matter what. The real will be there and grinding it out even through the hard times. The real will put up their own dollars to make a difference. The real will give of their time and a lot of it to make a difference. If you keep watching, you’ll see the difference between the real and the fake in due time. We need as many true servants as possible.

I tour alone for now because I’m honing my message. I’m also building my support base. I’m also being patient to see who is really committed to this and who is chasing trends. I’m very sensitive to the power of words so I’m careful about what I say and I don’t want anyone around me to say the wrong things to those who come out to see me. Beyond the words are the actions. Not many people live what they talk about and I’m aware of that fact. I know what my behind-the-scenes look like so I can trust myself. I don’t know what theirs look like and it takes a long time to get to know someone and that’s also why I tour alone. In due time more people will show their true colors and the ones left standing even after some blemishes and mistakes, those are the ones I’ll take serious. It’s a journey!

I’ve taken this message to over 10 countries and 3 different continents. Love is a universal language but we express it differently in different parts of the world. My goal is to help bring people closer to real love.

When you see my tour stops today, it’s my work. I don’t have an event planner because it’s not really needed for me. I don’t want to sell people on esthetics. I want to sell them on the message. When people come to my seminars I’m not playing on their senses. There are chairs and a mic. Then it gets real. I’m doing it all wrong if you let the pros tell it, but numbers don’t lie. Anyone who does events knows that it’s hard to even get 50 people to show up. Well, all glory to God I’ve been able to get 200 and up to show up in nearly every city I visit if it’s my event and my marketing. For someone reason when I do other people’s events it just doesn’t always work out like that. I do not know why but being a spiritual person I believe God only sends a harvest to good ground. So if I partner with someone and the event doesn’t get my normal turnout I assume that it was bad ground. God’s hand wasn’t in it because of the other hands that were in it. I’m not sure what all hands are in on the other side of the events when I’m booked. I just go in an effort to serve. That leads me back to doing my own thing. I’ve spoken at events that weren’t my own and 50-100 people show up. Then I’ll go back and do my own and 300 people show up. It’s mind boggling to see how it works but I feel that it’s God sending me a message. Do what I told you to do, how I told you to do it and I won’t let you fail.

Another fact is that I’ve only been a part of a few events where I liked how they were ran. Most event planners do way too much and try to mix in too much stuff. The people leave more confused than when they came. Simple is always best. Albert Einstein said, “make it as simple as possible but not one bit simpler.” I live by that in everything I do because it’s in my nature.

In the past I’ve done events in large cities and hundreds of people would come out and it would be them and myself. I would get online and google “event space in Los Angeles” or whatever city. Then I would click on “images.” Then I’d click the image I like the best and visit the website. Then I’ll request a quote. Then I’ll come to a price I can afford and book the room. Then I go to and make a page, one step at a time. I used to use colors, not I leave it black and white. I then have my designer make a flyer for me. Then I start promoting it online. I don’t pay for any radio ads like most event planners. I don’t pay for any sponsored posts from other influencers. I just post it just like any other post. I only care about getting the people who really support me. I never want to convince a critic to come. I don’t want that energy at my event. I don’t allow media passes. Everyone in the building has to have a paid ticket of some sort. I allow people who say they can’t afford it to come sometimes, especially if they are a client or student of mine. I let the people record it on their phones because I don’t care about that. Most will only use it for their personal use anyways.

95% of the time I introduce myself. I don’t have a host because that is energy and 90% of hosts I’ve seen have bad energy. It’s also an unnecessary expense for events like mine. The people came because they saw me post about it and they appreciate my work or are curious to learn more. They don’t really care to see a host and not once has anyone wrote in and said “you really need a host.” I’m the DJ because I have an awesome playlist my wife made me. I play it from my phone into the microphone. I’m the host. I walk up up and grab the mic and introduce myself. I’m the keynote speaker. I then moderate the Q&A and I answer the questions for 30 minutes. Then I sign every book and take every picture. In Johannesburg, South Africa I stood like 4 hours after the event to sign books and take pictures. There was 600 people at the event and it felt like they all stayed after for a picture. That’s my style. If Jesus would let a stranger grab his garment and then notice the energy that left His body; who am I to not take a picture? If Jesus was humble, then who am I to be whisked away by security? Maybe it will have to be different when I’m older with massive following or something. Maybe I’ll get tired of it. But I pray I never do. I don’t have a desire to get over it. I’m a human. I don’t want to be worshiped or idolized. I want people to see Jesus in me and they can’t see that if I act like a privileged and arrogant wannabe celebrity. I’ve noticed that’s where a lot of people go wrong. They want to be worshiped. They want to be idolized. I don’t want that. I don’t want to be God. I want God to be God and I want to be His servant.

That’s how I run a seminar and that’s how I do it 90% of the time. That will have to change someday as I grow but the point I want to make is that you have to be willing to start somewhere. I’m 10 years in as a professional speaker and that’s how I still run events. It’s a process. It’s a journey. You have to be humble and you have to be patient. I’m 33 years old. The speakers in their prime are in their 50’s and 60’s. Too many of us want it all overnight and we get frustrated when it doesn’t happen the way we want it to.

I’m learning and I’m growing. I told you a little bit of my tour story and how I’m spreading my message. Here are some lessons from it.

  1. Be willing to go alone.
  2. Don’t be afraid of the grunt work.
  3. Be every position until you can afford to hire other people.
  4. Be careful who you align yourself with.
  5. Be humble, you’re not Jesus.
  6. Be patient.
  7. Be consistent.
  8. Spend your own money.
  9. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  10. Be thankful every step of the way.

I hope you got something from this…

Be blessed,

Tony G.

*Excuse typos and grammar. A human wrote this.

Do you lack direction?

I once heard Zig Ziglar say, it’s never a lack of time but a lack of direction. That stuck with me. I’ve come to learn that many of us lack an actual plan. We don’t have a road map for our dreams and goals. I mean something we can actually look at and see what the next move is. We have it in our mind but life happens every day. If you don’t have it written down you’ll get lost.

You need a plan so you can go back to it after life has knocked you off track.

What are your ultimate goals? Write them down. Then ask yourself, how do you reach those goals. You’ll realize that to accomplish anything big it takes a lot of small steps. You take those steps daily but if you don’t have a clear direction you’ll end up nowhere.

Plan your days by the hour. If it’s a really busy day then plan it by the half or quarter hour. Each day may be different depending on the other things you have going on in your life. Not everyday has to look like the day before, that’s OK. Write down the plan and keep it with you. Look at it everyday until it becomes embedded in your DNA. With clear direction you will achieve your goals; but if you don’t have it written down you may never get there. Even if you do get there, you won’t stay there. There will always come a time that you need to be very clear about every hour of your day. Every minute counts so let nothing go to waste. Even the times you relax or sleep are meaningful and it must be added to your direction plan.

Make a plan and you will make a way!


Tony G.

In due time…

Everything that is for you is for you. If you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing, you won’t miss your blessings. You have to stay the course. You have to take the good times with the bad times. You can’t turn back if you know you’re going the right way. There will be detours, pot holes, storms, and everything you can imagine. If you know you’re going in the right direction, keep going.

The moments that you feel weary, get a lesson from it. Dig deeper and gain clarity through every situation. It will not be easy, but nothing worth having is easy. When you feel like giving up and you just can’t see a way, hit the gas a little harder. It’s in those times that you are close to your breakthrough. I’m not talking about a toxic relationship or a dead-end job. I’m talking about when you know you’re on the road to destiny and you’re doing what you were put here to do or in the place you’re supposed to be in. Keep going. The harder it is, the sweeter it will be when you step into destiny!

In due time… until then, just grind!!


Tony G.

Support yourself first

Support is funny at times. As you’re climbing you’ll notice the trends in support. First when you start you’ll receive one or two real supporters. Then when you start to take action and get some traction you’ll see more support from strangers. In that stage you’re not a real threat to success or anyone’s ego or self-esteem so people will support you freely. At that stage you aren’t really making any money from what you’re doing and if you are making money it’s nothing to brag about. You’ll see some people online getting 1,000 retweets on every tweet but barely getting by financially. People may support their gift but won’t spend any money to help them earn a living. Then the support will turn into income and it’ll be good as long as you keep quiet about how good it’s getting. As long as you seem regular, broke, and struggling in the climb and relate-able the support will continue to flood in. Some people fake it, but you should never fake it. Don’t be afraid to be amazing.

The moment the support starts to change your life, that’s when the tide is about to change. You see, some people will support you until they feel like their support is making your life better than theirs. They will take credit for your success and not realize that they are one of many who benefit from the value you’re adding to the world. You’ll have many people fall off in that stage of your climb but don’t worry. The support you’ve received will attract other people who will begin their cycle of support and that will sustain you in that stage of the climb. It’s the waves of supporters and the individual cycles they’re on that will keep you afloat. If you can weather the storm and keep going and realize that although you’re not eating steak and lobster, you’re still earning a living by doing what you love and you’ll be just fine.

Then eventually the waves of support will propel you to the next level in your climb and it’s at this level that those who fell off will look up and realize you made it anyways. Then in need of your product, service, or presence they will come back and hop on the bandwagon as if they never left. They’ll tell you that they always knew you’d make it and that they’ve been there from day one. When in fact they supported on day one because they didn’t think it would make a difference then on all the days in the middle of your climb when you needed them the most they were no where to be found. Now they’re back like they never left. They assume that the product or service you’re promoting was selling all along so they can take claim for some of the sales as if they did it.

I remember I posted a picture of my wife and she had on an expensive purse and shoes. This young lady who claimed to be a supporter said, “oh now I see where you spend my hard earned money.” I was appalled because nothing I offer would pay for anything my wife had on and because of the trends in support I had to create over 40 streams of income across 8 different companies to thrive as an entrepreneur. And here was this bitter woman claiming her purchase of a $25 seminar ticket or $100 online course is what bought my wife’s purse. The truth is, she probably never supported me. She was a spectator and a hater. You see, your true supporters want to see you win. They want to see your life change. They want to help take you to the next level because they understand that they are sowing a seed and one day the same will happen for them in their business ventures. Those who complain about your success or get mad with you when you start to elevate, those aren’t supporters and you can’t get upset with them. Those type of people will never prosper. You can have a product, service, or gift that can change their life for the better but they will go without it just because they don’t want to make you “rich.” They will starve themselves before eating the food you’re selling because they feel if they buy a plate they’ll “make you.” You can’t worry about them because all along you’ll have good hearted people who will sow into your life.

So as you’re building I want you to understand that support is funny. There will be times that you have to support yourself and if the people who started with you aren’t there anymore, find new people. So you’ll go from fake support, to barely support, to more fake support. It’s the waves of support that carry you through the climb. The few real ones will always be there rooting you on.

If you’re giving something the world needs you’ll always be taken care of because even the haters support counts. The spectators support counts. Don’t expect to have all raving fans and all loyal supporters. Take the good with the bad and appreciate those who appreciate you. It’s a tough journey and a long climb so be patient and just keep going!


Tony A. Gaskins Jr.