Be willing to walk alone…

There will be times in your life that you’ll have to walk alone. There are some places that no one else can go with you. These are the growth spaces in your life that you have to go in order to grow. Most of the time your growth will be alone. When you don’t need people that’s usually when they are there for you. When you really need help many of those people won’t be there. It’s in those times that you must learn and grow.

Before your breakthrough you’ll go through a drought. The drought is to sweat everyone out. Those who aren’t supposed to enter into your best season with you will fall off in the drought. If you don’t know the purpose of the drought you’ll be upset with them. In the drought is also where you discover who you are and why you’re here. You will map out a new plan for life and how you should live your life moving forward. It’s the tough times that build your character so you don’t lose yourself in the good times. If you’re given everything before you’re ready to receive it, it will kill you. We’ve seen money, fame, or success kill many people. Appreciate the tough times just like you’d appreciate the good times. Smile all the way through it. Laugh in the face of adversity. When bad gets even worse, don’t lose faith. All of this is working together for your good. You’re being pruned and then you’ll be groomed. Embrace this season in your life and know that it’s for a reason.

On the other side of your drought the blessings will be overflowing. Those who fell off will try to come back but you’ll know to keep them at a distance and love them from there. Let the natural occur and keep going!! It’s working together for your good.


Tony G.

The Faith Walk

You can’t see tomorrow because of today. There may be a bill that you don’t know how it’ll be paid. There may be a job opening you’re praying for. You may be waiting on your breakthrough and praying it comes sooner than later. Faith is the key. You won’t receive anything without faith.

Walk by faith every day. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged. No matter how bad it looks, speak life. As a man thinketh, so is he. Proverbs 23:7. You have to know that your words and your thoughts have power. You may not be able to see how it will happen but if you believe it will happen, it will happen. If it doesn’t happen, know that it wasn’t for you and better is coming.

I’ve seen over and over again how God works on His time. I’ve been baffled by the blessings and the timing of His work. It has taught me to never doubt, but instead to pray and believe. I believe anything is possible at any moment and I don’t question the process anymore. I used to be riddled with fear and stress. Now I just pray for grace and mercy. Everything will be taken care of if you’re living right and believing that your blessings are on the way.

I challenge you to believe like never before. Don’t let fear and doubt creep in. Speak life no matter how crazy you sound. Walk by faith and you’ll be surprised by the results.


Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

The Year of Faith

If you can see the full vision, you aren’t dreaming big enough.


This is the year to dream bigger than ever before. This is the year to surprise yourself with your accomplishments. It’s great to write goals, but leave room for the unexpected blessings. When you take one step, God will take two. Your efforts will be multiplied all year and this will be your best year to date. Let this year be a new beginning and set a new trend for yourself. From this day forward become a changed person. Start strong and finish strong.

If you can see the full vision, you aren’t dreaming big enough. There should be corners of your vision that’s still blurry. You should have to walk by faith and with every step the vision will become a little more clear. Even when you can’t see what’s ahead, keep walking.

This is your year!!

Tony A. Gaskins Jr.